Close Call

I survived all-you-can-eat pizza, cake, and ice cream this afternoon at the trampoline park. It was a birthday party. I got to sit with the aunts, uncles, and grandparents at a table filled with food. Temptation almost got the best of me. Is Sunday a free day?

Remembering yesterday’s train wreck and this morning’s roller coaster helped me make the right decision. I found an exit.

Free days are expensive and overrated. I need to string a series of good decisions together to prevent my train wreck and get off the roller coaster.

8 thoughts on “Close Call

  1. Free days are like those Monday holidays…the work just piles up and makes Tues-Fri that much harder. Good job avoiding the temptation! 1 COR 10:13 and JAMES 4:7

      1. I’m also fighting that battle! I’m doing KETO and have lost about 18-19 lbs and 2 pant sizes since January. It’s not coming off as fast as I’d like but maybe it will stay off this time. I look forward to more of yours as well…following. Do you really have a yacht or was that all metaphorical in “Radar”?

      2. No yacht here Jackie! We had a kayak once 😳 … I’m trying to write to fill the food void at night from 6-9 PM.

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