Yesterday at lunch I remembered hitting the bull’s-eye is not automatic. Minor deviations result in major misses.  Yesterday’s choice was between a medium combination pizza with the extra cheese I craved and the small tuna salad I decided on. The good guys won yesterday’s battle for lunch. The celebration followed.

I wanted to mark the win with a couple dozen donut holes dipped in cake frosting I found hidden on the lower shelf of the refrigerator door. Then I remembered … 

I am most likely to lose big immediately following a big win.

I read the instructions again. It took the same amount of time it would have taken to eat the donut holes smothered in frosting; less filling, too. Logging wins is more fun than recording losses.


The day’s final attack came yesterday evening when we went to the movies. I resisted the hot dogs and colorful sweet drinks but almost fell for the popcorn. I escaped. That was yesterday. I’m grateful I never have to repeat yesterday. Today’s battles will be the same, but different. Here we go.

11 thoughts on “Bull’s-Eye

  1. I am like this, too. I notice that every time I lose a lb. (I weigh myself every week), I tend to be less in control of what I eat. This ends up with me gaining back the weight I lost or even gaining more. But you’re right, every day is a new battle, but each win will ultimately lead us to achieve our goals. Stay strong.

    1. It’s comforting to know we’re not alone in this battle of ours! Thanks for your encouragement Nelle. Congratulations on your engagement, too. I like your short-term goal to be the #hottestbridealive … I am married to one of the hottest brides alive!

    1. A kazillion times, at least, Patricia! I’ve started to learn I do my best when I push against the constant resistance of a goal. Up’s and down’s and jagged graphs illustrate my life journey 😳drawing a straight line is hard for me (and harder when I reach a goal). Maybe I should start calling them landmarks, or milestones, or anything but goal?
      Thanks for your comment (and making me think again) 😀

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