The Perfect Storm

It rained all day. I had plans, but they got wet, too. It’s rainy season here, and yesterday it rained day and night. It was the perfect storm to blow me off course and shipwreck my hopes of moving closer to my goal.

A similar close call last Sunday threatened my renewed voyage just one day after I left Port Train-Wreck. Imagine my shame had I given in so soon!

The wind blew, the rain pounded, and the sky darkened. Night fell with my faith. I wanted to believe above and beyond the dark storm, but I was distressed. I pitched, yawed, and swayed.

“Mayday!” I cried,  “Mayday! I’m sinking!”

“Peace! Be still!” He said. And there was stillness. The raging storm of anxiety ceased on his command. Temptation vanished over the horizon.

“Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?” He asked.

How could I answer Him? Yesterday’s storm was not my first. I should remember He fills my sail with power, love, and self-control.

I don’t know what storm today will bring, but I’m following The One who even the wind and sea obey. No storm is perfect without Him. Here we go.

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