The sun shone brighter yesterday, for a while. The sun always shines, but my horizontal perspective can’t always perceive it. Circumstances and darkness restrict my range. This season’s dark storms cause me to feel isolated. Yesterday I could see farther. The light uncovered what the dark had covered.

I checked the charts and reviewed my course. My plan will take me to Port Safe BMI near the end of December next year. That’s the plan. Nothing ever goes the way I plan. Why bother?

I got lost in introspection. Why plan knowing it won’t work the way I plan? Being lost at sea is better than being lost in my own thoughts.

A radar ping from the instrument console brought me out of myself. Several bright dots flashed in sequence on the screen.  Subsequent radar sweeps confirmed multiple contacts on my horizon. Maybe they received my distress call? Maybe, but not one of them was on an intercepting course. One circled, another cruised on a course parallel to mine, and another was at full stop. 

Hope displaced gloom. I was curious. How had they fared the storm? I picked up my pace to move closer to the other vessel on a parallel course to mine. I needed some company. I was lonely.

I saw the details and design of their craft as I approached. It was majestic, sleek, and colorful. It was fast, too! I flanked the craft and waved to its crew. It had only been a blip on my radar, but then I saw its spectacular design. It was magnificent. My best speed was only a cruise for them. I felt small, insignificant, and obsolete. 

Then I saw several dark shapes as they started to flank and follow me from beneath the surface. Could they be whales? Their deep colors and shadowing maneuvers hooked my attention and I waved goodbye to the yacht and its crew. I lowered my sail. 

I dreamed of the day when I would be like them and have a vessel like theirs. At full stop, the mysterious dark creatures circled me. I spent the rest of the day in a haze. Why didn’t the other vessel stop to talk? Why was theirs so much bigger, better, and faster than mine? They’re probably thieves or pirates to have such an elegant yacht! Why do they make it look so easy? 

I looked over the side of my little boat into the wet darkness. I saw shapes moving in circles all around me. I convinced myself one of the shapes had eyes. 

My course hadn’t changed, but my forward motion ceased. I stewed. My mood became as dark and blue as the sea that surrounded me. What were those creatures and why did they shadow me?

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