Full stop all day yesterday. I didn’t move; not forward or back. I was alone, I thought, and the endless rain didn’t brighten my disposition. The dark, shadowy creatures circled tirelessly all day. Finally, just as the sun was setting, I tried to lure one to the surface for a better look. Maybe I could eat it? I mused.

I reached over the side and splashed water and screamed until a huge black beast answered my calls. It was black. No, it was blackness. I couldn’t tell head from tail. Its form and presence swamped me.

“God, help me!” I cried aloud. I wished I had called Him first instead of this monster.

It had no head, tail, ears, mouth, or any recognizable features. It was colorless, yet opaque. It smelled bad, too. The experience left me breathless like a vacuum had sucked the air from my lungs.

“No!” came a response like rolling thunder.

I expected a response from God, but not this one. Did the darkness below answer me?  I wondered. It had no mouth that I could see.

“Who are you?” I demanded.

“No one,” it came back.

“What are you?” I insisted.


This was not good and it got worse. The nothingness came up from beneath and surrounded me from above, beneath, and all around. Asking where would likely get a nowhere response.

Instead, I asked “When did you come?”

“I came when you called,” the colorless oblivion replied.

“But you came before I called you! You circled me all night and all day. I did not summon you until now!” I argued.

God, help me! I pleaded silently. The blackness faded for a moment but thickened again when I doubted. Now I knew why it was here. It was here because of my negativity and doubt.

Who … I started to ask, but gagged. I fell overboard. Was it a bad dream? Who was that creature? I asked myself.

Choking and wet, I hauled myself back into my boat. It was probably a bad dream. The creature had no answers. It would not have told me who it was even if I had been able to ask before falling overboard. I decided to call it Bohu. I hope I never see Bohu again.

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  1. That was pretty intense…I’m still trying to make sense of it. I liked it…it left me feeling a bit….I don’t know, unsure? It’s weird.🤔

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