When Groans Become Grumbles It’s Time for Detox

Yesterday the familiar sights, smells, and feeling of dirt and mud under my feet stimulated thoughts unlike those I had at sea. I missed the dirt, even if it was dirty. Isn’t everything dirty, contaminated, and full of toxins? I groaned.

The air wheezes, the land laments, and the sea heaves. All creation groans.

Yesterday’s flower was gone. So, what’s the point? Why even bother? I choked on my own toxic thoughts. It was time for a detox; my groans were becoming grumbles!

My God, let my eyes look directly forward, and my gaze be straight to you. Straighten the path of my feet; then all my ways will be sure, I prayed!

August is a new adventure. Here we go.

7 thoughts on “When Groans Become Grumbles It’s Time for Detox

  1. Yep, I’m groaning. I did not achieve any of my fitness goals last month (100% my fault, but it’s very disheartening). So I am trying a new approach. Is your new plan health/fitness related only are you looking to improve other areas in your life as well?

    1. I was thinking of you the other day … interested to see your weekly post. I 😟 when I didn’t see it and wondered how you were doing! Thanks for your comment. You’re not alone Nelle! My plan is to work from the inside out …
      Health and fitness are important to me, but not as important as the inside me. I’m old and know my end will likely come much sooner than yours! Either way, my renewed focus on the invisible things has had an impact on my reflection in the mirror, too. It’s temporary if I can see it – I’m trying to focus on the invisible things since I’m convinced they are the forever things that matter. But, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one groaning 🤔.
      I hope and pray your new approach works. I’m trying a new approach to the adventure, too … contact me if you would like to see my plan. For now, my plan fits on a one-page note hosted by SimpleNote. It’s new to me, so it’s a new experience on my old adventure!
      Know this: You are a beautiful bride!

      1. I’m sorry, Steve! I had a post lined up for Monday but life got in the way so I had to postpone it. But I’ll publish it soon 🙂

        As for the invisible things, that reminded me of this article I read yesterday: https://medium.com/the-mission/how-im-dealing-with-my-third-mid-life-crisis-3379af8e0142 — I don’t know how old you are but you might have had a mid-life crisis at some point. I know I did after I graduated. 😀 Anyway, I’m sharing that article with you because I think the takeaway from it may help you when reflecting on your day.

      2. Thanks Nelle! I saved the article … and laughed sadly to myself when I remembered my crises have come early, mid, and final! Thanks for the takeaway … here’s mine: http://simp.ly/publish/1SNg3P
        It’s one of my maps for the month of August. 🤔

      3. That’s a great plan, Steve. 🙂 I can relate about the toxic thoughts. Journaling about it has helped me manage. Good luck to us this month!

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