Didn’t See It Coming

I didn’t see him. He is one of many who patiently stalk their victims.

“Here he comes! Watch this,” squealed the Chango to the Paloma who quietly observed. Chango had acquired a target. 

My thoughts distracted me. My focus was two-dimensional and horizontal. I saw the Paloma stir but I didn’t understand her signal. I never looked up from the ground.

“Don’t you dare warn him or I’ll peck your eyes from your head,” warned Chango as he shook his sharp beak at the Paloma. “I am taking aim on his bald head! I aim to penetrate his soul with toxic thought!”

She dared not tweet nor coo. The Paloma watched in disapproval as the Chango on the power line above took careful aim at my shiny head. Chango made no sound as he lined me up in his sights and released his poisonous feces. The splatter bomb was on target as it fell from the cosmos toward my exposed bald head.

It was hot, I was tired, and I had left the house without my hat. Ask you may, why would anyone amble about without the protection of a hat on a blistering day like today? Well, it was not my custom, but I left the house in a hurry, and although it may have looked like ambling to some, I was moving as fast as I could. I didn’t think I was at risk, and I thought I would only be out for a moment. So many accidents happen so close to home!

I didn’t see it coming, but my hobble made me wobble. The noxious cluster bomb missed my head and just grazed my hand. Where did that come from, I asked myself. Thank God for the limp that made me hobble. Had it not been for the wobble, the Chango’s poo would have splattered against my naked head. What on earth can I do without my helmet and shield? Where is my sword? I thought.

“You almost got me!” I groaned, “but today you missed your mark!” 

I didn’t see it coming; I thanked God he did. Tomorrow, I told myself, I will put on my whole armor to stand against Chango’s schemes and the one who sent him.

O God, I prayed, thank you for protecting me this day. Teach me to use the weapons and armor you provide. Help me take my thoughts captive to obey You. Protect me from my enemy’s deadly thought-bombs.

I looked up as the Paloma cooed and the Chango booed. We exchanged sweet and sour grins expecting the battle to continue another day. I resolved to put on all God’s armor tomorrow. I must carry my sword and shield, I thought, and never forget to wear my helmet!

8 thoughts on “Didn’t See It Coming

  1. I love this! Your writing always brings a 😊 or a 🤔 or even a 😬.
    The armor of God is something I had never even heard of until I was 48 years old. How can that be? It is so essential for the Christian life.

      1. I get it. I forget too Steve. You just reminded me actually! But somehow, just knowing it’s available is a huge comfort to me now!

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