I groaned and grumbled on Wednesday but I stayed in detox, in spite of myself. Thursday I almost became a victim of something I didn’t see coming, and yesterday was a screamer. 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Ice cream, I screamed, and calculated the damage to my weight-loss plan. The  caloric disaster would not have been as bad as my own personal disappointment. I fast-forwarded, paused, and rewound as my mouth watered. How could she tempt me like this? She knows how I love cappuccino ice cream! I never saw it coming from her hand to my mouth! The temptation was more than I could bear. I screamed for help and looked for a way out.

Toxic thoughts of fear and discontent penetrated my bald head to the core. I am my own worst enemy. But how it hurts to be hurt by the one I love! Would Nurit succeed where Chango had failed?

I was near meltdown but the ice cream melted first. This is turning out to be harder than I expected, but thank God neither ice cream nor flowers last as long as my God’s patient love. 

3 thoughts on “Screaming

  1. Yeah, Ice Creams, which as You say, make Us Scream, ARE a Great temptation. I give in to them about once every few months. …Am also fond of Peanut butter, which seems to increase both my weight and my Cholesterol, but as You say, One day at a Time. 🙂

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