Loved i am, therefore i
love. Had i not first been
loved, i could not love.
He prompts my love.

Think i do, therefore i
choose. Had i not first
thought, i could not choose.
He prompts my thought.

Read I do, therefore i
write. Had i not first
read, i should not write.
He prompts my reading.

Listen I do, therefore i
speak. Had i not first
listened, i would not speak.
He prompts my speech.

I struggled yesterday. I almost fell off the wagon. Addiction sucks. It hurts. I can’t do it. It’s too hard, I was prompted to doubt.

Where did that prompt come from? I complained.

Anonymous prompts are as dangerous as passive voice. Maybe that’s why they’re anonymous? I stared at three figures some forever friends gifted me, therefore … they must be there for something. They all denied authorship of the negative prompts. So I asked myself, Who prompts my love, reading, thoughts, and writing? The answer was sweet and sour and prompted the poem above from above.

6 thoughts on “Prompts

  1. A very good question that I’ve never asked myself and I can’t think of a good answer… Perhaps I need to make a change 🤔

    1. Thanks Paul! Nice to know we’re not alone… now we get to decide where we take our prompts from🤔 every day … one day at a time!

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