Parasites In Paradise

I ran. I ran away. I ran away from the underground and the beautiful building made from living stones. Why I cried, would anyone encase living souls with brick and mortar? I could not understand. My ignorance frightened me. Between fight or flight, I chose to run away. I ran.

Disappointed, disenchanted, and discouraged I ran nowhere and almost found it. I was not watching where I ran.

I fell. I fell hard. I fell so hard I felt my teeth clash. The crash overloaded my circuit and the lights went out. I left my body unattended.

Where is this place? I breathed. Without pain’s reminders I surveyed the place, and I breathed it in. I was without my body but not alone. An air like no other filled the space.

It was a garden. Creation filled it. It was perfect, but became imperfect with my arrival. Two trees surrounded by flowers’ power invited me to eat. I was hungry and reasoned why not eat?

But from which shall I eat? I gawked. Of equal size but different design, one looked sweet and the other sour. Isn’t that a mango tree, I thought, and is that not a lemon tree? Is this not my own back yard?

I chose sweet over sour. I walked round and round the mango tree looking for mangoes. There were none but one. It was the last mango on the tree. Nurit had given me instructions to never touch the tree, and to avoid even looking at it. She also taught me the four stages of life for fruit in this garden. She said there were five, but no one ever ate stage five fruit unless they were starving.

1. verde: green, too green for anything but mango salad with vinegar
2. jecho: beyond green, yet not ripe, firm, and fresh
3. pintón: firm, fragrant, and colorful
4. maduro:  ripe, juicy, and sloppy

Too much information it was! It was the last mango, so I did not need Nurit’s guidance on the stages of life in the garden. I can handle this on my own, I bellowed.

I picked the last mango from the tree and filled my mouth with an oversized bite of pure celestial flavor not of this world. My tongue caressed the fruit and my mind imagined the next bite. My eyes appreciated the beauty, but Is that a gusano? I wept. 

Bad became worse when I saw only half of a still living gusano wiggling deeper into the mangoes flesh. Where is the other half of that gusano, I choked. I became nauseous but woke before I …

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    1. Thanks Nelle! I’m not sure how amazing my writing is, but I’m amazed … how we continue to live and multiply in spite of the parasites and contaminants in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink! Stay the course!

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