Pixbae Stories

Did I tell you about the time I …?
Do you remember when we …?
Have you heard the story about …?
Well, probably not, unless we shared pixbae with coffee.

I aspire to be like a tree, planted by streams of water. Today, if I could choose what kind of tree to be, I would be a palm tree; specifically a bactris gasipaes – and not because it’s easy to pronounce. This tree’s fruit has otherworldly powers to inspire the telling of stories. I like stories, do you?

I have eaten pixbae alone, but I have never appreciated its flavor, aroma, and texture more than when I shared it with another human. It’s hot out of the pot and must be peeled with care, just like a story.

We have so many stories to share! I want to know your stories and tell you a few of my own. As God’s creatures, we both have stories to share. His Story encompasses both of our stories. I cherish the point where we intersect as much as I like pixbae with coffee!

Thank God for you, Panama, pixbae, and coffee!

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