Give Me This Day

My daily bread was all my body needed. Why did it want more than it needed? Why did I have more than I needed? Why?

We faced off. We fought hand to hand, hand to mouth, and face to face. I even put my foot in my mouth. The mirror betrayed my trust, deceived my eyes, and defied belief. I faced my enemy one more day yesterday. I was my own worst enemy. Why?

He warned me. He tested me, and He weighed me again. I tipped the scales on tiptoes, but even they revealed the difference between what I needed and what I wanted. Why? 

Before I slept, I asked Him again, Give me my daily bread and victory over the man in the mirror!

Ready or not, the week began. 

HE IS all I have, all I need, and all I want.

“I AM,” He said.

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