The Twilight Between Fear and Trust

Yesterday a child taught me the difference between fear and trust. He patiently demonstrated the process step-by-step. If you can take no more, you should know we became friends in the end. If you’re still here, let’s investigate the evidence.

1. Fear – He was fearful at first. Who wouldn’t be I asked myself. Had I been him I, too, would have been fearfully suspect of one like me. He probably thought he had discovered alien life. Was I not his first living specimen to speak a foreign dialect? How frightening to see someone so old, so bald, so different, and so … scary!

2. Twilight – Some call them happy hours, others say they are the moments of gold surrounding the sun’s setting and rising. Yesterday I witnessed a twilight between fear and trust. This child’s fear diminished as his curiosity increased. He stopped judging and started observing. He no longer agreed nor disagreed, he just observed with love. I took note. I wanted to be childlike and not childish as I observed others.

3. Trust – He trusted me! Not completely, yet enough to build a relationship. I would rather drown myself[1] than betray his trust, and besides, two giants stood watch over him. We became friends. We did not see eye to eye on everything, but we decided to give it a go to see if our friendship grows.

This child’s loving parents shelter his soul. He abides in their shadow. He trusts them. They give their lives for him. I want to trust my God like my new friend trusts his mother and father. He, too, gave his life for mine. I will say:

My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.

Last week’s battles with fear are history. I hope I learned from the wounds.

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