Falling Into Flight

It wasn’t what I expected! There were only two doors and I made my choice. I opened it and stepped through into … air! Did I make the wrong choice? I asked myself. I wonder if I should have chosen the other door? Maybe, I thought the only thing worse than my fear of the unknown is my fear of making a decision.

My last step never landed. Only air and fear filled the space between my feet and a bottomless abyss. I fell headlong. Then I spun and twirled as I grabbed for an invisible handle on the rushing wind. I pitched and yawed with every movement I made. My frame’s attitude against the wind affected my course and altitude.

As my panic subsided I discovered my horizons had multiplied. I could see forever. I stopped flailing against the fall and started to fly!

I looked down and all around, and finally looked up. I was under His wing!

He had filled my sails at sea, why should I be surprised that He would fill my wings in the air? He held me close. I was the happiest refugee in the universe. What a refuge!

No fear here! What can mortal man do to me? I trusted God. His Light illuminated and eliminated fear’s darkness. I looked forward to my next brush with fear so I could practice trusting Him and improve my flying skills.

I wondered what it would be like on my first solo flight. But then I saw something streak my horizon. I was not the only one to fly in this domain. Maybe He did not design me for solo flight.

Rx: Isaiah 40:31; Psalm 91:1-2, 4, 11; Psalm 56:4

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