God, Love, Money, People, and Trust

Love God
Serve God
Trust Only God
Serve People
Love People

Do not love money.
Do not use people.

Rx: Deuteronomy 6:4, Romans 12:1, Psalm 56:1, Titus 3:14, Matthew 22:39B, Matthew 6:24B, and Romans 12:21

4 thoughts on “God, Love, Money, People, and Trust

  1. This is great. I am thankful that U.S. money still says β€œIn God We Trust.” What a wonderful reminder to trust in God, not in money,

    1. Yes! Sometimes I 😳 forget. Thanks for your post with the β€˜57 Caddy! Now I need to remember to love people 😬 and not things! Your image brought many warm memories! Thanks!

      1. Yes, when I treasure a β€œthing,” it brings up memories of the people I associate with it and their kindnesses. 😊

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