Falling Out of Flight

I fell into flight and I fell out of flight. One moment I was flying under His wing and the next I was falling. I fell not from His grace nor His protection, but from my own fear and doubt.

My mind strayed and my trust became fear, not of Him but them! I fell from flight because of my fright. I heard Him say:

O you of little faith, why did you doubt?

I had heard how another had once walked on water. He saw the wind and became afraid. Now I knew how he must have felt! He sank. I fell.

He stretched out His hand and took hold of me. He restored my strength, forgave my weakness, and gave me breath to sing my gratitude. Amazing He IS! 

Will I never tire of hearing the music and singing the words from the inside out? Only He could restore me from my fall from flight. I’ve crawled like a worm and flown like a butterfly and believe His promise for life after butterfly. I was lost and blind, yet He was kind; He taught me to fear only Him.

Rx: Isaiah 26:3, Matthew 14:28-31

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