I Am Dirt

I am dirt
If I see dirt,
If I hear dirt,
If I taste dirt,
If I smell dirt,
If I feel dirt,
Then am I not dirt?
He knows I am dirt!
Forget not, my spirit,
you shall return to God who gave you
– the rest will again become dirt!

So, how is my dirt? I asked myself.

Hardened – Had my dirt petrified with time and traffic? Had Chango stolen the seed when I did not see it coming (https://elcapigringo.blog/2018/08/03/didnt-see-it-coming/)?

Rocky – Had I tired of the race and fallen from its pace? Were my roots too shallow to be like a tree (https://elcapigringo.blog/2018/07/24/like-a-tree/)?

Weedy –  The problem with fertile soil, I told myself is that even weeds grow in it! Had weeds of worry and the buzz of this place overcome my soul’s garden?

Fertile – I heard the Word, I remembered and I understood the Word, I thought. So I pondered, how have I become so dirty[2], and how can I grow the seed and produce a return on His investment?

Yesterday I got up, again, dusted off the dirt and took a few more steps – one at a time.

Rx: Ecclesiastes 12:7 and Proverbs 25:26

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