My escapade on the steps did not go unnoticed. Security and management took exception to my disruptive behavior. I asked their indulgence and told them The Owner approved my actions.

The Owner’s approval was the only approval I sought. But among the many glares, there were a dozen or so who were curious. A few others signaled their approval with a thumbs-up, and one person surprised me. Why would anyone follow me? I puzzled.

A woman who was going with the flow saw me, smiled, and did an about-face on the escalator. She started following me. A few others changed their direction, too. They followed her, me, or … well, what was I to do?

“Elohim,” I pleaded “what am I to do? I am no leader!”

“Calm down. My Son will help,” Abi was the first to respond. “Trust me. He has had, has, and shall have followers from the beginning to the end.”

I waited. I waited more. I was tired of waiting when His Son pitched in.

“Pray for them,” Logos said. I expected more words from The Word Himself. 

No, I thought privately I have not prayed for those who follow me! Why would I? I wondered if I might make money off them!

“Stop!” His voice rolled like thunder. “Read the instructions I sent you! My friend John wrote them down,” Logos said. “Read chapters 15 and 17 and stand by for Ruakh to guide you from the inside out.”

I read His instruction again. I took notes.

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