Yesterday I was intentionally social. I was not social by nature. He changed that. I liked it. I vowed to be social and:

  • forgive the unforgiven
  • give to the unthankful
  • help the helpless
  • hug the unhuggable
  • love the unloveable
  • pray 👀 nonstop
  • reach the hard-to-reach
  • seek the lost
  • serve generously
  • smile at the unsmiling
  • teach the unteachable
  • understand the misunderstood

Yesterday was a day to remember. The Word IS … and so IS HE.

5 thoughts on “Social

  1. Thank you for your prayers already…my 96 yo hospice friend is asking for continued pray. She had a moment of clarity the other day where she told me, “ I know you’ve been praying for me, I want to go home…when will He come?” We prayed together for a peaceful passing, in her sleep. The next morning she told me she slept well, she remembered our prayers and the coffee tasted great. All in His timing…keep on praying friend. I believe she is saved b/c we’ve prayed together for that but maybe she just needs to believe it too. How can we understand His thoughts and His ways, they are so much higher and greater than ours.

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