Month: November 2018

El Verdulero

If you listen you can hear them coming as they make their way along the bumpy road. They blast the day’s catch of fruit and vegetables through a loudspeaker. We bought our fruit and veggies out of the back of a red truck. They almost passed us by but my


This is a better pace. I dropped a lot of weight (water weight) early in the race but now I’m getting into the grind. My pace should be about one and a half to two pounds per week. I have a long race ahead. I’m thankful the first few days


The animals know. The birds know. The fish know. There is a place in time and space between the dark and the light where we live for just a moment. They know. We took a drive this afternoon. The mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, we


I’m making progress. The people at MyNetDiary are making it easier for me. Here are some screens from the new iMessage app integration they included with the latest release of the app. Thank you! I have used the free and the max versions with good results. The food database is


My countdown continued this morning. Today I will focus on today to avoid delays in tomorrow’s countdown.


Hoy la velocidad del WiFi disminuyó tanto que pensaba llamar para reportar un daño en el servicio. Decidí reiniciar el router antes de llamar para reportar el desperfecto. ¿Sabes qué pasó? La velocidad volvió a ser como nuevo. ¿Cuántas veces no echo la culpa a otro sin chequear la conexión


Ten pounds in less than a week is a big deal for me. I’m trying not to get too worked up about the progress, but I confess it’s encouraging. I’m still fat but I’m setting a new-to-me trend dropping extra weight. I’m happy and thankful. Thank God, my family, and

Why Cry?

I came through the dark hoping for the light. Try as I might, the sight delayed. My debt paid, I wept and slept. His promise He kept. Why cry? My sunset is another’s sunrise.

Move, Exercise, & Stand

Every day, the same routine: The sun rises and sets as I try to move, exercise, and stand. I’m spinning through space and other dark places, and I hang on for dear life, but who am I fooling? I’m going in circles! What if the sun neither rose nor set


This is my reflection. Do you think designers place mirrors in elevators to make them appear larger than they are? Me, too. Mirrors are unfriendly to me lately. They don’t reflect the way I see myself. I avoid them but this one was unavoidable unless I chose the stairs. I