Ten pounds in less than a week is a big deal for me. I’m trying not to get too worked up about the progress, but I confess it’s encouraging. I’m still fat but I’m setting a new-to-me trend dropping extra weight. I’m happy and thankful. Thank God, my family, and you.

It’s easy to be happy and grateful when things go the right way. No doubt there will be days between now and 180 pounds when I go the wrong way and gain weight. I hope this entry helps me keep my wins and losses in perspective. Isn’t that what diaries and journals are for? Good news or bad news, I need to straighten some curvy (sometimes jagged) lines in my weight journal, and life. Staying the course is not automatic. Maybe what started as a weight-loss journey will affect other areas of my life, too.


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  2. Congratulations!!!

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