Day: December 2, 2018


My neighbor was painting his house today. Around here, many paint only the front of the house. We like to celebrate the arrival of summer by cleaning up and painting the side of the house people from the outside can see. Paint is expensive. It’s been a long time since

Straight Lines with Crooked Rulers

My new-to-me gym is colorful. It’s full of motivational slogans and colors. As I trudged along on the treadmill during yesterday’s workout I couldn’t take my eyes off this image of a tape measure slithering across the wall. The ups and downs caught my attention. Like life, the lines are


This is not what I had in mind. I set my goal for 261 this month and today I moved a notch in the wrong direction. I wanted to see 268 on the scales and instead I saw 270. This is not easy and it will get harder. It’s easier