I’m stuck at 269. Maybe a free day will stir the pot!


  1. lghiggins says:

    If “free” means not adhering to food restrictions, it is worth a try. I’ve heard it can shake up your metabolism! It will be an interesting experiment anyway. (I like this new reply feature. Do you think it will get there any faster par avion? 😉)

  2. lghiggins says:

    I just discovered that my comment did not go through to you. If I log into my VPN it should work. I have another blogging friend that I have to do that with when I am out of the states. I think my comments on previous days got through to you. I don’t know why there is an issue all of a sudden for your blog. Wait. It just got even weirder. I got an email saying you saw the comment, but the comment does not show up on the page I am looking at! A little Twilight Zone effect???😱

  3. kaliani1757 says:

    I see I found you here-looked all over that other site but you were gone. I am on much the same path as you here..Muscles aching from the gym today, but not walking in the first snow. In skoppum, norway (of course)

    • Steve says:

      I have missed you! I reset all my ‘social’ accounts periodically. I looked for your email but couldn’t find it. You made today brighter, in spite of my aches and pains!

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