Ten pounds in less than a week is a big deal for me. I’m trying not to get too worked up about the progress, but I confess it’s encouraging. I’m still fat but I’m setting a new-to-me trend dropping extra weight. I’m happy and thankful. Thank God, my family, and

Why Cry?

I came through the dark hoping for the light. Try as I might, the sight delayed. My debt paid, I wept and slept. His promise He kept. Why cry? My sunset is another’s sunrise.

Move, Exercise, & Stand

Every day, the same routine: The sun rises and sets as I try to move, exercise, and stand. I’m spinning through space and other dark places, and I hang on for dear life, but who am I fooling? I’m going in circles! What if the sun neither rose nor set


This is my reflection. Do you think designers place mirrors in elevators to make them appear larger than they are? Me, too. Mirrors are unfriendly to me lately. They don’t reflect the way I see myself. I avoid them but this one was unavoidable unless I chose the stairs. I


I am here now. I like this trend! 276 pounds is still fat, uncomfortable, unhealthy, and … but today I’m less than yesterday’s more. Less is more. It’s easy to get tangled up with yesterday and complicated with tomorrow. What if I break my streak tomorrow? Questions, doubts, fears, and


Fast starts are one of my specialties. Today I joined a gym again. It hurt. It still hurts. I bet it hurts tomorrow. There were two gyms. Both offered similar programs for about the same price. One is located over a donut shop. Which one do you think I chose?


My goal of 180 is a long way from where I am now. Today was the first of many days between where I am and where I want to be. I’m thankful today is done.