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Well, so much for free days! On the positive side: at least I broke out of the plateau. December promises to be an interesting month.


I’m stuck at 269. Maybe a free day will stir the pot!


No change here. I’m still at 269 and I’m still set for 261 by the end of the month. I can see the numbers in the distance. They are so close, yet so far. On the bright side, at least these lockers are usually available!

# 25

He compared the diagram to his survey. Had the map really changed, or had he read it wrong to begin with? An ivory column at the cave’s entrance was gone! The tusks were vanishing! The grand canyon and the cave would soon be unprotected. Number 25 was gone!


My neighbor was painting his house today. Around here, many paint only the front of the house. We like to celebrate the arrival of summer by cleaning up and painting the side of the house people from the outside can see. Paint is expensive. It’s been a long time since

Straight Lines with Crooked Rulers

My new-to-me gym is colorful. It’s full of motivational slogans and colors. As I trudged along on the treadmill during yesterday’s workout I couldn’t take my eyes off this image of a tape measure slithering across the wall. The ups and downs caught my attention. Like life, the lines are


This is not what I had in mind. I set my goal for 261 this month and today I moved a notch in the wrong direction. I wanted to see 268 on the scales and instead I saw 270. This is not easy and it will get harder. It’s easier


Hoy en el gimnasio me enseñaron: Para ser el número 1 tienes que entrenarte como si fueras el número 2 Yo miraba las letras escritas en la pared a través del sudor que me causaba la máquina elíptica y pensaba en el significado de las palabras. Me esforzaba aun más


This is today’s marker along my way to 180. It’s encouraging to be within double digits of my goal. I’m sliding down slippery slopes into a valley surrounded by the mountainous holidays of December.

Meta 261 Goal

261 pounds is my goal for the end of December. Habrá muchas tentaciones para desviarme de la meta, así que this will be an interesting month.